Business Contribution Agreement

1.3 “Affiliate contributor” refers to any previous, current or future subsidiary, parent company, sister company or other company, business, business, partnership, joint ventures or company controlled by Contributor or one of its subsidiaries or under common control. This COntribution BREVET agreement (“agreement”) will be concluded on September 28, 2020 (“effective date”) and will be entered into between KAIVAL BRANDS INNOVATIONS GROUP, INC., a Delaware company (“KAVL”), KAIVAL LABS, Inc., a Delaware company (“Kaival Labs”) and NEXT GENERATION LABS, LLC, a California limited company (“NGL”). Form of the capital deposit contract: there is currently no legal document that guides in detail the form of the capital deposit contract. However, in practice, capital contribution should be documented to prevent the parties from violating the agreement. The capital contribution is a common activity in the daily life of individuals, between individuals and companies or between companies. The objectives of the capital contribution are also multiple: contribution of capital to the purchase and sale, to the formation of the company or to the contribution of private equity … It is precisely in the economy that the contribution of capital is an important activity that has an impact on the creation and development of many companies. In order to facilitate the task of these, if the following article wishes to establish a capital deposit contract, the following article will summarize as follows some of the content required by this contract: This agreement is between Magento, Inc., a Delaware company headquartered in 54 N. Central Ave, Suite 200, Campbell, CA 95008 USA (“Magento,” “we” , “ours” or “our” and the person or entity that contributes to magento (contribution`, “you” or “you,” and with Magento, the “parts”). Identify all parties to the agreement, including beneficiaries or residual interests that could at any time attempt to influence the terms of the contribution.