ACPEN Attends the 2015 NE States Conference

We at ACPEN partner with a number of state CPA societies from across the country, to help provide the best possible CPE for accountants. Thus, several of our intrepid ACPEN employees attended the 2015 Northeast States Conference.

We got to meet with several presenters we know and love (K2 Enterprises and Executive Education for instance) as well as a number of the state society representatives (whom, we also know and love).

So all and all, it was a productive, and great excuse to go to Florida in February trip! Gallery below.

Also, for those of you who are twitter-y inclined, you can see more with #necpe15 over on twitter.

Stop what you’re doing and rent a puppy! [Updated]

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 1.04.08 PMThree things you should know about the ACPEN team.

1. We make the best accounting CPE in the business.

2. We’re based out of Dallas.

3. We love puppies.

Thus we’re very excited about this.

Today only! Via D Magazine:

Animal Planet + Uber + Dallas Animal Service have teamed up to bring adorable, adoptable dogs right to your door. Here’s how it works: Open up the Uber App between 11 am and 3 pm, today Wednesday, January 28, request the “puppies” option and for only $30 you get 15 minutes of cuddle time with an extra-cute pup.

If you’re in Dallas, the clock is ticking! Quick get a puppy!

Ps. Tip of the hat to one of our directors, Charlie, for bringing this to our attention.



Update 3:10 PM CST: Tragically, the deadline for renting Uber Puppies has passed, and all of our attempts to rent a puppy were in vain.

President proposes changes to tax code in SOTU

The details seem to be sketchy, and it’s unlikely much of the president’s agenda will make it through congress. But, MarketWatch has nice quick breakdown of the specific tax proposals and their odds of making it through congress.

Also, in case you missed the speech, the Wall Street Journal was nice enough to create this handy, bite sized (2 minute) version:


TSCPA Professional Issues Update

TX-PIU-JEP-5-20130001-TSCPA-for-blogACPEN helped the Texas Society of CPAs produce a Professional Issues Update. The nice folks at the TSCPA offer these two hour updates free to their member through ACPEN!

Here you see a screen shot of the live production.

If you’re a TSCPA member, who couldn’t make the live date, don’t worry. You can still catch the replay on January 21. Contact the TSCPA to register.

Happy College Football Championship Day!


The Best of ACPEN Replays

ACPEN_signature-JEP-5-20130014-640As devotees, are no doubt aware, the top of the line in accounting CPE are undoubtedly the courses that make up the ACPEN Signature series.

What’s that? You’re unfamiliar with the greatness that makes up these spectacular eight CPE credit hour courses?!

…. Well this is awkward….

But fear not!

ACPEN_signature-JEP-5-20130006-640The Best of ACPEN replays start today! Which means that now through January 22nd, you can enjoy these high quality CPE courses, get some useful accounting info in before tax season gets info full swing, get ahead for the year on your CPE requirements, and lose ten pounds!

ACPEN_signature-JEP-5-20130008-640… ok, probably not the ‘lose ten pounds’ thing. …Or, well maybe… I mean, you could be on a diet … “I don’t know” is what I’m saying.

Look, I’m sorry I even brought it up. … Just check out some awesome CPE courses via the links below.

2014 Business Fraud Update

2014 Not-For-Profit Accounting, Auditing and Tax Update

2014 Governmental Accounting and Auditing Update

2014 Compilation & Review Update

2014 Accounting and Auditing Update

2014 A CPAs Guide to Choice of Entity

2014 Understanding the Purchase and Sale of Business

2014 Annual Tax Update
1/8/15, 1/22/15

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