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ACPEN’s NE States Conference drawing has a winner!

At this year’s Northeast States Conference, we at ACPEN, because we are awesome, offered a drawing for our state society partners. The lucky winners will receive a substantial credit that can be used towards a remote webcast production, or a free event for the winning societies members. (Terms and conditions may apply, yada yada.)

And now, the results.

The envelope please…

And the winner is…..

ACPEN Attends the 2015 NE States Conference

We at ACPEN partner with a number of state CPA societies from across the country, to help provide the best possible CPE for accountants. Thus, several of our intrepid ACPEN employees attended the 2015 Northeast States Conference.

We got to meet with several presenters we know and love (K2 Enterprises and Executive Education for instance) as well as a number of the state society representatives (whom, we also know and love).

So all and all, it was a productive, and great excuse to go to Florida in February trip! Gallery below.

Also, for those of you who are twitter-y inclined, you can see more with #necpe15 over on twitter.